A Free and Lite online reservations system

for restaurants who would like to continue using the reservations book.


 Non-Instant Confirmation - You can accept / reject a reservation

A confirmation email is only sent to the customer when you accept the reservation. Similarly, an email will be sent to the customer when you reject a reservation.  

 Free LiteReserve.com webpage for your restaurant.

When your account is created, you will have a free LiteReserve.com webpage for your restaurant. So, you don't even need a restaurant website to reap the benefits of accepting online reservations. This webpage will have your restaurant information, description and a reservations widget for online reservations.  

  Take reservations from your restaurant's website.

Embed the LiteReserve reservations widget into your website or link it to your free LiteReserve restaurant webpage. The LiteReserve restaurant webpage is mobile responsive so your customers will get a great experience from whichever device (mobile, tablet or computer) they are using. 

 Manage online reservations mostly from your email

While there is a web-based system to manage your reservations, the day to day management can be done via links in the emails sent.  


 Guaranteed Confirmation for customers

Customers can send their reservation request, 24 by 7, and get a confirmation only when you accept the reservation. This allows you to gurantee an availability before an email confirmation is given.

 Reinforce Marketing Initiatives

By combining LiteReserve with your marketing initiatives, you will know where your reservations come from. Whether its the QR codes from printed media or other online partners, LiteReserve can give you a sense of how effective these campaigns are.  

  Increase Customer Database

Customers can subscribe to your restaurant's mailing list while making reservations. 

How It Works

While LiteReserve allows you to reject a customer's reservation request, we discourage it, and also track a restaurant's acceptance rate. LiteReserve uses the concept of covers/table allocation and cutoff time, to help you achieve a higher level of acceptance rate.  

Cover Allocation

You allocate a certain number of covers for online reservations. LiteReserve will allow reservations based on the reserved covers and other parameters setup in the system (like max number of reservations for the shift). These reserved covers gets freed up once the cut off time is reached for that shift.  

Cut Off Time

LiteReserve stops taking reservations for that shift once the cut off time is reached. The cut off time is configurable in the system setup (so its really up to you) and is usually an hour before the shift. This is the time when a final list of reservations gets emailed to you.

Accept / Reject Reservations

An email is sent whenever a customer makes a reservation. In that reservation, there is a link which allows you to accept / reject the reservation.  

Check Email Regularly

You are encouraged to check and respond to reservations regularly, at least once just after every cut-off time. This ensures that you will not have any reservations not responded to. 


To increase your acceptance rate, you will need to be pro-active in blacking out dates when the restaurant has events or is fully booked. LiteReserve allows you to blackout a particular shift/meal, the whole day, or a period of days. Blackout can be done via the web-based system or by links in the emails.